Big Wins

  • Rockin' Performance & Instrument Sound
  • Get the Best Sound With Just Your Mic's
  • Get Your Phase Sorted

Even (if not especially) in this day and age of recording, the ultimate quality of your sound has heaps to do with how your raw tracks come in on tracking day.

Strong Foundations

There is a misguided tendency in the modern world of digital recording to Fix-it-in-the-Mix rather than to capture the sound well where it comes from.

'A Great Photo Needs a Great Shot'
Performance & Sound
There is no way around it, a great sounding mix comes from a great sounding instrument and a great take.
Put the time in at this end of the project to rehearse, re-string and re-skin to make sure that the sound and energy coming out of your instrument or mouth is top notch.
That includes your instrument being in tune.
Know Your Mic's
You don't need an insured mic locker to get a great sound.
If you can only have one mic, make it a large diaphragm condenser. If you can have two, make the other a dynamic, probably a 57 type.

  • Wider Freq Response
  • Clearer Whole Picture
  • More Spill/Feedback

  • Robust
  • Less Spill/Feedback
  • Handle Higher SPL

Get The Best Sound
If you haven't experimented much with Mic Placement you would be amazed at range of sound that can be captured by simply moving a mic around.

First off, pick a mic and placement as a starting point.
As a general rule Condensers are good for Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and other generally quite sources (Although also often used as Drum Overheads) while dynamics are great for Guitar Amps, Kick & Snare Drums and other high SPL sources or sources where you want to keep spill to a minimum.

Polar Pattern
The Polar Pattern indicated on the Microphone tells you how, and in which direction the Mic picks up sound from. You can use these different patterns to achieve the sound you are looking for. 

A good starting point for placement is placing the mic roughly the same distance away from the source as the length of the resonant component of the source.
For example on Acoustic guitar, measure the length of the guitars body and position the mic approximately that distance away from the instrument.
Generally the closer you get to a source the more Bass Response you will get so keep that in mind.



12/07/2015 12:03pm

There is a misguided tendency in the modern world of digital recording to Fix-it-in-the-Mix rather than to capture the sound well where it comes from.

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